Oct / 23, 2012

Annoyed by the noise on the social media? You're probably not alone. Upaper aims at becoming a social platform that helps you come out of the tons of unuseful information we're exposed to everyday. Our first challenge was using a silent movie approach in the first part of the video, that is usually consacrated to "the problem". We love kittens, but the web seems not to care. That's probably a stereotype, but nowadays cats = web noise, and we couldn't avoid the cliche. Enjoy our latest work for the San Francisco based (but Italian powered) startup Upaper.

CLIENT: Upaper.com
ART DIRECTION: Ilenia Notarangelo (ilenoliukgo).
ANIMATION: Matteo Ruffinengo (ilenoliukgo)
MUSIC: Plucky Daisy, Kevin McLeod


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