Aug / 21, 2012

Universitaly.it is a website powered by Cineca and MIUR (the Italian Ministry of Education) to gather all the information about Italian Universities, Accademies and Schools: a very useful service for Italian and foreign students that want to choose Italy for their post high school education.

They need a video to present the website and spread the world among young folks!

Given the goal, we tried to keep an institutional style, but with a twist: fundamental coulors (present both in the MIUR's logo and in the Universitaly's website) and simples line were the cornerstones of this project, with the add of some summer freshness. A fluid animation, based on background changes and lines transformation, connects the different parts of this video.

The illustrations' essential mood represent the Italian way to approach life (and cuisine!): simple and genuine ingredients, mixed in a creative way!

You can watch here the english version!

CLIENT: Universitaly.it - Cineca

ART DIRECTION: ileNOliukGO - Ilenia Notarangelo 

ANIMATION: ileNOliukGO - Ilenia Notarangelo & Luca Gonnelli

VOICEOVER: Lara Parmiani (Italian) - Heidi Baker (English)

MUSIC: Akashic Records - "Caribbean Island Summer"


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