Nov / 29, 2012

"...and I have a Subbuteo at home!"
That's how began this stop motion video for 46sports!

46sports talks to young soccer players with a strong willing in becoming pro: Subbuteo's mini-soccer-players are part of the imaginary of soccer fans in Italy: nothing better for talking about sport to those who practice it for real!
Stop motion means photos, photos, photos: hard working, but so much fun! :) we tried to integrate as much as possibile stop motion with motion graphics, paper strips with pixel lines... and the result looks fine!

CLIENT: 46sports.it
ART DIRECTION: ileNOliukGO - Ilenia Notarangelo, Luca Gonnelli e Matteo Ruffinengo
STOP MOTION: ileNOliukGO - Matteo Ruffinengo
MOTION GRAPHICS: ileNOliukGO - Luca Gonnelli e Matteo Ruffinengo
VOICEOVER: Paolo Balestri
MUSIC: Hey!!! by Love in October

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